Got a Problem With Your Pipes? Call Us ASAP.

Got a Problem With Your Pipes? Call Us ASAP.

A family-owned plumbing repair company in New Orleans, LA

Are your drains backing up? Is your furnace making a loud screeching sound? Have you noticed a rotten egg smell near your gas line? Call a plumbing repair technician in New Orleans, LA before these plumbing issues get worse. Accardo and Lambert Plumbing and Heating Inc. will diagnose and fix the problem fast.

We’ve got the certifications and experience required to:

  • Repair furnaces, water lines and gas lines
  • Repair and replace water heaters
  • Inspect sewer lines
  • Identify gas leaks

We’re one of only a few Rheem-certified plumbing repair companies in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. But no matter the make or model of your fixtures, you can call us for plumbing and gas leak repair services. Get a free estimate by calling 504-866-7162 now.

Do you smell gas at your home or office?

We offer 24/7 gas leak repair services in the New Orleans, LA area. If you notice a rotten egg smell or hissing noise coming from your gas lines or appliances, call 504-866-7162 ASAP.